Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Spent two days with Becky in Seattle and had a nice relaxing time. Thanks for having me Becky! I got to see the space needle and go to the Fish Market. It was kind of fun to be a tourist for a few hours. I'm hanging out in the Olympic Peninsula for a while, waiting for the next adventure. It is beautiful here and smells like a Christmas tree. More photos coming soon....


I had a great trip on my geology of Denali National Park trip a couple of weeks ago. Phil Brease the park geologist took us to see the recently discovered dinosaur tracks in the park. I took some amazing pictures and got some great bear video. Unfortunately my camera's SD card died right at the end of the trip and I lost all my pictures for the season. So, the day before I left the lodge, Linda and I hiked back up to see them and get some last photos. This rainy day was perfect as a raindrop on my lens highlights the footprint perfectly in the picture. Note that this guys one middle toe is as big as my whole hand.