Monday, December 05, 2005


Where I went, what I did:
1. Auckland
3. Five day hike on the Abel Tasman Coastal Track
4. Blenheim
5. Christchurch
6. Hiked the Banks Peninsula Track
7. Queenstown
8. Hiked the Milford Track
9. Wanaka
10. Hiked the Northern Circuit of the Tongariro Crossing

Things I will miss the most about New Zealand:
1. the language
2. backpacking huts with flush toilets and stoves
3. hokey pokey ice cream (oops, yes that is bad!)
4. Wanaka
5. white wine
6. birds
7. the little spoon that comes with my flat white coffee
8. beer and garlic bread the staples of my New Zealand diet when not on the trail.
9. Cinema Paradiso
10. the sun

There were so many little things that made this place so wonderful. Enjoy the photos! This will be a work in progress!!

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